I’ve been nicknamed the emotional glue of my family. I believe emotion is the driving force behind our thoughts and actions as human beings. Our feelings call us to respond appropriately to the events in our lives that anger, frustrate, excite and impassion us. Emotion is the motivation that has us challenging ourselves to strive for peace, to speak out against injustice, and to fulfil our highest purpose.

Like everyone, I have many other roles and labels in society. I am a daughter and a sister, a mother and a wife. I am a friend. I am a woman. I am a Canadian expat living in Saudi Arabia. I’ve been employed in a variety of positions and settings as a teacher, with a focus on special needs education and working with at-risk youth. I am a reader and a writer, a cook and crafter. I am a yogi, a music-lover, a traveller and a volunteer. I am positive and optimistic, generous and patient. I am jazzed about connecting with other people and engaging in meaningful discussions.

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